Your momma *may contain expenses*

Hello All



I could not help but notice that the mail tray was full of cards yesterday, the usual white window envelopes addressed to companies in business parks off roundabouts replaced by slightly oversized coloured envelopes addressed to ladies in lanes and avenues in towns across the land. At first I thought that people are really are starting to take Woman’s Day a lot more seriously… but then it struck me… Mothers Day is upon us… so I thought I would do today’s email on fishing and quad biking… actually today’s email is a short one because I am busy/have writers block/ have not done anything interesting/ am tired/ thinking about other things (see attached diagram for explanation)… So I hope all the mothers in the company are well looked after, that the expectant mothers are even more excited* and all the blokes do the right thing and pull their fingers out.


So please pop down and claim you expenses from me before 5.30 as it will be Monday if you come after 5.30… Thanks by the way… yesterday was a day of never ending cheque writing… I should be careful what I wish for.








*Yes excited… it is going to be fun.


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