Underwhelmed *may contain slight sense of disappointment* 06/07/2012

Hello all.
So, Lasers! The future but now? I could not resist the promise of a ‘Laser Spectacular’  with a few folk from my mooring we set off along the canal to Primrose Hill at 9.30pm after a couple of sophisticated canned drinks sat in the hammocks working out if we could be bothered or not. The mood in the group was a mix of excitement and regret at not going to the loo before we set off, but there was a real sense of event and occasion… a London event, and we wanted to be part of it.
As we got to the bottom of Primrose Hill we realised that we were not alone in our idea of securing the perfect spot to watch this historic occasion, the hill was alive. Over a thousand people covering most of the top part of the hill making it look like the back of a rock festival, groups of friends, families, lovers and sad guys with too much camera gear very much on their own. The atmosphere was brilliant and we managed to secure a spot right in the middle of this great unplanned party. Drinks shared and cameras at the ready we joined in the countdown… 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… and then nothing, nothing at all “it will be ok, we are probably just a little over excited” “the lights have probably started round the other side”… Peoples spirit remained high for a few moments and then it started… a faded green light spread across the city a low batteried torch passing under a teenagers duvet then there was another slightly duller light shinning towards the BT Tower “This is it, they are just warming things up, here it comes any minute now”. Alas this was not the case, this was it, this was London’s idea of a ‘Laser Spectacular’, this is how our city crowns it’s proudest engineering achievement for years… THIS WAS IT.
There was a stunned silence for a couple of minutes and then laughter, everyone on the hill just started laughing, proper belly laughs. We were laughing at our own misguided faith, we were laughing because we had been the victims of a massive practical joke but mainly we were laughing because it was the worse and most pathetic thing any of us had ever seen! We wanted the ‘Hacienda 1988’ and we got ‘Faces in Ilford 241 Tuesdays 1994’, it was terrible. After a couple of minutes a few people stood up and started descending the hill some dance music started to fart out of some over worked speakers and people just started to hang out, as we walked down the hill all the talk was about how the Olympics would be an equal anticlimax… I still have faith in London but it really needs to pull it’s socks up.
Anyway… expenses in by the close of play please.



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