*three’s a crowd *expenses may be contained within*

Hello all,


I rarely watch telly these days, no telly on the boat, I watch the odd thing six boats down but mainly catch up on BBC4 music documentaries to help with hangovers and insomnia. I have however got hooked on ‘Three Good Things’… I say hooked I have watched it three of four times. For those of you who have not seen it Hugh Furniture Wittington (first rare breed organic mayor of London) cobbles together a lovely ‘supper’ out of three key ingredients (well three ingredients plus loads of expensive ingredients and a load of talent) and then has a cook off with one of his employees and a girl… it is good the food looks edible and I love a little bit of middle class smugness when I am tucking into my dinner (normally made of a couple of bad things smothered in one good thing to cover up the cracks). But it got me to thinking what else could we use this ‘Three Things’ model for…


A few years ago the pub marketing people tried to tap into this numerical simplification with signs outside of pubs with alluring simple instructions such as DINE-DRINK-DANCE or WINE-BEER-CHAT or other meaningless nonsense. I was always unsure what to do in these venues before the signs appeared back in 1999… I always thought a more honest approach would be appropriate for some establishments such as FLAT BEER-FIGHT-STD or OVERPRICED WINE-DISAPONTING FOOD-LEAVE ALONE AGAIN but maybe there was some decent business arguments for this not happening. I was thinking that it could be used for trivial things such as life itself… you could have boring combinations such as a mix of health, fun and hard work or love, peace and happiness. Using another numerical pattern famous for threes (this one is for people from Liverpool) you could have bad luck, no luck and rotten luck… or if you are a simple soul… DINE-DRINK-DANCE.


Anyways if you can get your expense forms to me by the close of play today unless you grab a dodgy story from my past from Cara and use it to blackmail me then you can have till Monday… or if you are David Ritsema and you flipped me the bird on your run into work today the deadline is yesterday.





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