preparations for the autumn *may contain expenses* 31/08/2012

Morning Lovely People,

This week we have all felt the temperature drop towards autumn in line with the calendar. Down on the mooring preparations are being made for life on the boat instead of around the boat, on top of the boat, on the towpath and camped out in far west London next to the boat. You may think that this involves in stocking up on coal and tinned goods, cleaning the stove and making sure the vessel is watertight, you would be wrong. It is all about ‘what the hell are we going to do with our time?’

The answer is many fold and no different to anyone else we just do it in narrow spaces (no not that, well.., yes that… but that is not what I am on about)… DVD box sets, watching stuff on the internet, listening to music and talking bollocks. Last night due to a clumsy admission and a long conversation about what the hell I have been watching for the past 12 years I feel that on the last school night of the summer I covered two of the four bases (again keep it clean kids).

‘I have not watched a lot of Sopranos’


‘I have seen a couple of episodes… I like it… just always been too busy’


And so it is… this autumn I will mainly be watching the Sopranos, once the incredulity and pity had subsided a box set was produced by my girlfriend and three episodes watched back to back (it was ok I was the one facing the telly *joketheft*) and it has begun my autumn of violence wise cracks and strange heavy nose breathing… This may lead to a change in the way I handle expenses and any mistakes in all of your Harry inputting. I have bought a terrible leather jacket, a big cigar and will have a meat tenderiser on my person at all times. Things to also to look out for will be members of the client services disappearing, generally on a Monday morning and returning on Wednesdays looking a little weary and bewildered.

So with a little more menace than in the past can I have your expenses on my desk by the close of play, any special requests for delays and leniency will now be met with a little ‘chat’ in the car park behind the accounts office.

Happy Weekend



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