my life in bad poetry *may contain expenses* 16/01/2013

Morning All
Firstly expenses are ready to collect but there are limited windows of opportunity so from now until 1pm I will be around but I will not be around this afternoon or most of tomorrow, I will be around most of Friday. So basically if you are in a rush get your arse in gear.
Secondly I have been really busy since we came back so I can only offer you a crap poem wot I wrote… on a bus

Buses are not like girls

You don’t wait ages for a girl and three come along at once
You don’t wait in the cold for girls with growing dissatisfaction
You don’t board girls going the wrong way and curse your stupidity
You don’t find overturned girls spilling Dutch tourists on to motorways
You don’t find lines of girls in the 80’s waiting to be jumped over by motorbikes
You don’t find Cliff Richard riding girls in the movie Summer Holiday mores the pity
You don’t find the wheels on girls go round and round round and round round and round

You don’t take a bus out for dinner and buy it little gifts
You don’t hold your breath before you kiss a bus so it might last longer
You don’t tell a bus you love it and wait nervously for seconds for I love you too
You don’t find buses in HMV buy a CD because the singer of the band is handsome
You don’t buy chips and find out your bus did want some after all and starts to nick yours
You don’t make out with buses on the back of girls on the way back from some gig across town
You don’t make buses angry because you are incapable of saying the right thing at the right time ever

Buses are not like girls at all You don’t write poems about buses


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