I honestly have no idea *may contain expenses* 01/02/2013

Hello All


I just read a little thing on the BBC website about Friday being added to the weekend, an extra day of rest, an extra day of leisure… it is a nice idea, the things you could do and the things you could finish! A weekend in Madrid without having to rush too much, no one will mind if you are in the office at 11on Monday right?  If we took away the longer lunches, the online shopping and the occasional arse scratching and maybe stuck an hour on each end of the day we could get everything done… right? Trouble is… who would facilitate our leisure? Who would cater for our shopping needs and keep our golf greens clean and playable so Aaron and Brett can walk around in shocking trousers and weirdly coordinated knit wear? It just won’t work, childcare, productivity, not being able to call the French and the Spanish lazy… we are just not built for leisure… right? It breaks my heart… because I am built for leisure, I like to read I love to listen to music, I love to daytime drink*, I am a fan of watching old films…. And I am a fan of spending days with my kids, my friends and the girl from six boats down. Come on Britain you truly international group of islands let’s embrace leisure, let’s not have jobs that facilitate leisure let’s go out and find out what we can really do with our time that would not mean some poor soul on minimum wage has to stand there with a forced smile… climb a mountain, make something, learn to cook, learn to speak an exotic language, read a book that is difficult, watch a film without explosions or gratuitous nudity or a guy from the telly…. Take a boat trip… I don’t know. Weekends are not what they used to be… we are all too busy… It would be really really Great!. What’s my point… It is raining it is cold and the girl from six boats down just sent me a picture of an orange tree outside her bedroom window (she is in Israel saying hello to family) and I want to be chilling out not ranting at you poor folks about nonsense in the vague hope it will get you to bring your expenses down please by the end of the day I want to be freeeeeeeeeeee**.






*I realise that for some this is part of a ‘working’ Friday

**I don’t I just fancied a lie in today and I am a bitter bitter man


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