Boob(s) and Indie Music *may contain expenses pick up stuff* 05/10/2012

Hello all


Yesterday a found whiteboard provoked a little email conversation about the popular music groups Squeeze and The Wedding Present amongst a couple of folk by email. I am a bit of a fan of music… when I say a bit of a fan…. I mean massive music geek. I have seen both Squeeze and the Wedding Present, both those gigs stick in the memory for very different reasons.


My first gig on November 10th 1989 was The Wedding Present at King Georges Hall in Blackburn, I went along with my girlfriend Annie Blinkhorn. I was very excited, even a few digs about my Stone Roses T-Shirt did not dampen my spirits. The support band was Cud who were brilliant resplendent with a dancer in a gold lamè tracksuit (these garments are in the news a lot at the moment for terrible sordid reasons). After they finished I was happily nursing my half pint of Thwaites when Annie said ‘we need to talk’… My girlfriend dumped me between the support and main act at my first ever gig! The reason she gave was that ‘I was too immature’ I had to concede this might be true as I was fourteen.


Me and Annie have remained good friends over the years, she went on to write some pretty rude books before going into corporate and trade magazines. I managed to extract a little revenge when earlier this year I told the story on BBC 6 Music, it prompted a feature that went on for a couple of weeks and she got a fair bit of stick over it… ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’ probably should have been on the last week email but in this case it did ring true.


I went to the Camden Crawl last year, I was in some grubby pub and there was a lot of people going upstairs, intrigued I went upstairs to find out what was going on. I took ages and I nearly fell out with several pissed up blokes with overflowing beer cups. I managed to push into the upstairs bar and I could not see the band playing… I recognised the song and asked out loud ‘why the hell is everyone up here watching a bloody covers band’ and fought my way downstairs to the bar. The song was Tempted, it transpired half an hour later when I was smoking next to an A board with the line up on ,that in fact it was not a covers band but Squeeze playing in the tiny room above the Hawley Arms. I felt a little daft but then remembered that I don’t like Squeeze that much.


For those of you who have no idea about the bands in question…Squeeze were the post punk band for the teenager who grew to be Mondeo Man* and The Wedding Present were Smiths fans second favourite band.


Anyway if any of you so wish please come and collect you expenses from me before three as there is no afterschool club today so I have to break my kids out of school early today






*Sorry Mike and Robert


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